Hello, or “Ahlan” as they say in Arabic or even En hotep in the ancient tongue.
My name is Mogg Morgan. I am the founder and co owner of UK independent publishers Mandrake of Oxford. I set up this Web log as a portal for Mandrake of Oxford publishing projects in Egypt. Recently I travelled to Luxor to meet the authors and explorers Drs John Ward & Maria Nilsson. They are desert explorers and researchers into Egypt’s ancient and not so ancient past. You will find more information about them on the Sirius Project tab above.

Also on this site is information about non hassle mystical journeys to Egypt to discover its hidden secrets. I am also a long time researcher into Ancient Egyptian magick and religion. In the future I hope to help fellow seekers find their dream in Egypt, economically but also safely and in cooperation with local guides & facilities. If that interests you then you might find the tab marked Luxor Feb 2012 a useful resource.

In future I hope to expand just a little on the circle of contacts in the field. Next year the short walks in the Theban necropolis will be a step nearer – enabling us simple types to taste a little of the desert landscape. The longest journey begins with a single step – so who know where this will eventually lead.

If any of this interests you please do either get in touch or use the recommended resources, perhaps letting them know from whom you got the recommendation.

MA’a salama

Mogg Morgan

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5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hello Mogg!

    I am an advisor to Maria and John and thought I would drop you a line to say “hi”. I am looking forward to finding out more about your work.

    With kind regards
    Lorraine Evans

  2. Hi Mogg,
    This website seems to be tragically broken in both Chrome and Firefox 😦


  3. Mandrake, Egypt

    Thank you – should be a little more info here by end of week : )

  4. Mandrake, Egypt

    Dearest Thaiis – seems ok in Firefox my end – haven’t looked in chrome – you are such a techie – btw have good pic of Hatshepsut recon barque shrine if still needed : )

  5. Mandrake, Egypt

    Hi to you – any friend of theirs : )

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