The “Amint Billah” progression?

Amint Billah (“I believe in God”)
Lovely show on BBC Radio 4 Xmas morning called “Belly Dancing and the Blues” I always thought “Belly Dancing” was a derogatory term but turns out derives from Baladi – meaning folk – and this tradition has incorporated many influences – one of the oldest is from Luxor – those West bank Martial artists (quarter staff) have a special musical progression provided by musicians – presumably to add the ritual enlivening to the blood thirsty stuff?

for loads of good material. On my last trip I was hoping to see these guys in action as part of the Mulid for the local Saint Sidi Abu al-Hajjaj But I think I may have confused this with Mulid el Nabi – the prophet’s birthday which is this time of year (Jan-Feb). The Mulid Sidi Abu al-Hajjaj is just before Ramadan in July, one of the hottest times of the year!

You can find all the words for the “song” in one of the free PDF files, so check out the rest of Guy Schalom's informative website for musical structure, moves etc – quite complex and designed as background for his workshops – which I haven't yet done but hope to catch one day soon.

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