St George – Egyptian Origins (Picture Essay)


  1. Coptic – St Tawdros (El Mohareb) Monastery, Malqata, Luxor . Martyred during Roman period, thus shown in as Roman horseman (Eques)


2. Horus spearing a crocodile from Coptic church window, c 4th century ad, Louvre


3. Seth subduing Apep – Temple of Hibis, Kharga Oasis, 6th Century bce

Hibis01 - Copy



4. Mythological Papyrus HerubenB, XXI dynasty, 3rd Intermediate period





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2 thoughts on “St George – Egyptian Origins (Picture Essay)

  1. where is the article on St,. George, or is this a book????? margo della fargo

  2. Mandrake, Egypt

    Margo – was planning to finish for St Georges day – sorry for delay. Thank you for your comments on my Abydos pictures – and a good thought to publish more of them in a book – “Isis, Goddess in Egypt & India” does have several from Karnak for first time in colour – bit of an experiment – hope to do more.

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