The Demonic double in Egypt, past & present. (A Magick Square to protect an Expectant Mother)

Contains a remarkable confluence of traditions, Islamic, Coptic, Biblical & Pharaonic. The charm is in effect a copy of an agreement between the queen of the Aqran (plural of Qarin) & King David.  Among the Upper Egyptian Fellahin, it is believed that one’s psyche is a multiple thing, that the soul (ruh) has several parts. The Qarin (female Qarinah) is the mirror image or double of the regular soul. Qarin is from a root meaning horns. The Qarin appears at birth and is comparable to concept known from many diverse cultures, current and historical. For instance it is very like ancient Egyptian Ka .

The reason this spell works is recounted in an accompanying story, the historiola: For it happened that, Long ago, King David saw the Queen of the Aqran unfasten her hair, and fire issuing from her mouth. She causes miscarriage but agrees, under threat of death, to spare those babies that carried the special kitab. The Queen of the Aqran, known elsewhere as  Lilith?

Translation (Collected by Winifred Blackman The Fellahin of Upper Egypt:

“In the name of God of Triune nature, He is the Mighty benefactor, Creator of all the powerful witches [evil women], Whom eye does not see and thought cannot conceive [mix with], Who knows what is before it is, before Whom the angels tremble with awe, and whom the devils fear for his Power. All things in Heaven and on earth worship Him, and He is Ruler over all things. O God, by They mighty Name and Powerful Arm and the Beneficent Light of Thy Face protect the bearer of this my charm – what is in her womb and who drinks [will drink] of her milk – from the devilish, cursed Qarinah by the power of this magic square and what of Thy Might name it contains.” P74

The probably meaning of the square in the illustration is, so I was told: “Make it your charge, O Gabriel, make it your charge, O Michail, make it your charge O Rafail, make it your charge O Suriyal, Make it your charge O Maniyal, by the power and might of the Mighty God, the Almighty, and His broad Throne, and His dazzling Light, to burn the cursed qaríneh and cast her into the fire.”


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