A Short Walk in The Land of the Dead (Picture Essay)

A Picture Essay
“Short walk in the Land of the Dead” picture essay of walk from Dayr el Madina to Dra abu al Naga
via hill path, which has some stunning views. (In construction)

Here’s the view from Google earth – dotted line shows our approximate route


1. DSCF1678

2. moggluxor2

3. titoluxor2

4. DSCF1683

5. Thebanwalk 31-01-2013 07-31-33

8. Thebanwalk 31-01-2013 07-41-42

7. DSCF1693

8. DSCF1695

12. DSCF1699

13. DSCF1703

15. DSCF1707

16. DSCF1708

18. DSCF1711

19. DSCF1714

20. Thebanwalk 31-01-2013 08-41-05

20. DSCF1716


22. DSCF1721


24. DSCF1723


26. DSCF1728


29. DSCF1736

30. DSCF1737

31. DSCF1742

32. DSCF1743

33. DSCF1747

34. Thebanwalk 31-01-2013 09-25-41

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