Three miles in a northerly direction, following the avenue of sphinxes that form RamseseII’s processional way, over the “lost” city of Weset, ancient Thebes, one finds its sister temple of Karnak. This is a most impressive archaeological site, making Luxor temple look diminutive by comparison. Many sections of the site are still unexcavated, and the French archeological mission has a permanent presence, current digging around the little temple of Ptah.

To gage the amount of work currently going on in the Luxor area went along to the regular lectures given every sunday night in the little Mummification Museum on the Corniche. (Lovely little museum – not sure one learns too much about mummification but it has its own lovely collection of artefacts. It also have a very nice quiet veranda overlooking the Nile, a lovely place for a cigarette and a beautiful view of the sun setting over the Theban necropolis) A team from Belgium presented their findings at the “lost” tomb of Amemenope to an audience of more than 100 archeologists, certainly not all those working locally.

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  1. Mandrake, Egypt

    Yesterday at Speakeasy, Mary Rands confirmed to me that the ancient community that lived just outside the southern end of the avenue of Sphinxes at Karnak has been moved – which was one of the places I was hoping to find fellow “Ghost riders/Spirit Mediums. Hoping after the revolution there will be no further house clearances in the name of modernism , “science” & “tourist development”!

    Perhaps the Egyptian people should send a expedition to Avebury and suggest all post Iron Age developments should be destroyed and the occupants forcibly rehoused in Swindon!

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