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Seth & the Seed Goddess

dayr al bahri-042

Extract from “Ritual Year In Ancient Egypt”

Although the goddess Hathor is known as the bestower of human fertility, there are traces that this quality extents to animals and indeed crops. The myth of “Seth & the Seed goddess” concerns seed in all its connotation including semen and the female equivalent. The following dedication is adapted from traditional spells of the time of King Rameses II.
Why this is so

(this part of the spell is to be read out)

Once upon a time
The Seed Goddess Hathor
Took a bath on the shore in order to purify herself in the oasis
Seth was out walking and he saw her
He saw her jewel encrusted girdle, he saw her bare ass,
And it turned him on
Then he mounted her as a ram mounts a ewe
He covered her as a bull covers a cow
But for the seed goddess it was all wrong
And she went straight to his head
To the region between his eyebrows where the full moon sits
And he lay down, exhausted on his bed
and was stricken with the seed become poison
Then his other wife Nephthys (Anath),
The victorious goddess
An androgynous woman who acts like a warrior
Who wears a man’s kilt
Tied with a woman’s sash
Distressed, went to her father the Sun god Ra
He said “what is the matter with you”
Nephthys, victorious goddess
Androgynous woman who acts like a warrior
Who wears a man’s kilt
Tied with a woman’s sash
I am near to my evening setting
I know you want me to cure Set of the effects of his overstrenous coupling with Hathor
The poison of the bad seed out of place
Let Set’s stupidity be a lesson for him
Hathor, the seed goddess was destined for the bed
of the sun god above
He will make love to her with his heavenly fire
His will be as hard as steel when he enters her.

Hearing this the divine Isis said:
I am the Nubian woman
I have come down from heaven
I have come to realise the seed in the body
of every mother’s son and every mother’s daughter
And cause them to return in good health
For as Horus lives
So shall all live:

Morgan, M (2011) The Ritual Year in Ancient Egypt, Mandrake of Oxford
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